My Inspiration for San Luis Patio



In April 2020, our world was hit by the Covid-19 virus. This changed life as we knew it. After 11 years of enjoying the lifestyle that San Luis Obispo is known for, I saw everything stop. All the restaurants and businesses just shut down, and downtown was a ghost town. No more gatherings and no more live music events. Then the closures started to happen ...vacancy after vacancy began to take their toll on our community. No more SLO life. Masks became mandatory, and everybody was on edge due to job losses. 

Eventually restaurants were allowed to offer takeout and then outdoor dining. This was the first step toward recovering our lifestyle in San Luis Obispo. With outdoor dining going full speed ahead, there was a need for umbrellas. Our weather is so nice and sunny, even in winter, and there was a shortage of umbrellas everywhere. After walking through downtown San Luis Obispo, I noticed that most restaurants had shabby, worn-out umbrellas, and in most cases, not enough umbrellas to offer shade for all of their outdoor diners. That was when I knew I had to fill that need. 

While working as general manager for Orchard Supply Hardware in Pismo Beach, I developed great relationships with vendors, some of whom supplied umbrellas. So, I gathered some contacts and worked out a business plan to create San Luis Patio d/b/a San Luis Umbrella.

San Luis Umbrella is going to offer the largest possible range of umbrellas, patio furniture, and outdoor cushions, from several manufacturers, and we’ll be looking to support communities with quality shade products, to help them get back to business.

It’s customers like Anita, Amber and Tiffany that make this so much more than just a business. The friendships and community are what inspire us to do what we do.  


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